Thursday, 1 September 2011

What's growing ....

Phew, what a week!
Mother dearest has now returned to her homeland, so there's no more joint cooking adventures, but I'm sure she'll still advise from afar.
Did some horse pooh shovelling with husband earlier in the week, rediscovering some long lost muscles in the process. Only recovering now!
When we bought this place, about five years ago, let's just say the garden was fairly unloved. The soil here is fairly ordinary (being nice, don't want to offend it!) clay soil with v little nice nutrients, so we're trying to build it up with organic matter, compost etc. We are seeing more worms these days which gives us hope. It's far from perfect, but definitely getting better. And as anyone with clay soil knows, drainage is a bit of an issue. We have put in extra drainage since we've been here, but suspect something more substantial is needed. That must wait till we lift the shack.

Baby pineapple. Got two of these growing at the mo. Takes about 18 months to fruit, but def worth the wait!

Baby Tahitian limes. Mmmm. Am considering asking a friend for a branch of their Kaffir lime to graft onto our Tahitian. What do you reckon?

Deeevine. Baby lemons. Not just any lemons, though. These are going to be bush lemons - you know, the bumpy ones. And the best.

Monsterio delicioso. The name says it all. Can you believe I bought this from IGA a couple of years ago for eight bucks?

The latest crop of corn. Fingers crossed. Neighbours dodgy fence in the background.

In the meantime, here's a snapshot of what's growing in the garden atm...

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  1. Wow, you'll be able to open your own stall at Rusty's soon :)
    Those lemons are going to be fantastic.