Saturday, 3 September 2011

Weekend's happenings

Buzz, buzz, buzz. Busy little bee.
That's been me this weekend. Sometimes you just want to be slothful and other times you just can't be doing enough. Well, the latter has been me (so far) this weekend. Surely it has to end sometime?
It started with a gift. The gift of soil. Free stuff. Always a bonus. Think I've mentioned before that the soil here is fairly ordinary. Well, some friends were re-doing their front garden and had some leftover soil which they generously donated to our cause. They've had plenty of tomatoes and other produce so it's a fair exchange. Said soil has been used in low patches and to generally top up the level of the garden beds. So that was good and yes, husband did most of the work. As usual.
What else? Well, we've been harvesting again, as per usual so Friday I stewed up some more tomatoes (we had three big bowls full in the fridge) to make a tomato .... thing, for putting in spaghettis and lasagnes, so they're now resting in the freezer. Made the famous coconut and lime cake Friday, using some leftover passionfruit from the freezer for icing. Husband came home from work 2am Saturday and lo-and-behold, there's a slice missing Saturday morning. Hmmmm.
Then the soil donor came over yesterday for a cuppa so let's just say the cake is fairly well gone now. Think there's about two slices left.
Had some MORE leftover passionfruit icing, so made some coconut cupcakes and topped them with that. Mother dearest thinks I'm nuts, making something just to use something up. Well, so be it. I'm officially nuts.
We've had a few sprinkles of rain last night and this morning so the garden would be LOVING that. Has been quite dry.
If anyone out there can give me any tips on how to load recipes onto this site, or cute name suggestions, I'd be most appreciative. Am after something catchy. The winner wins .... the kudos of knowing they came up with the winning name. That's worth it, isn't it? Maybe I'll make you something. If you're within cooee's distance.
Here's some pics to tide you over till next time ....

Chopping lime rind. I find this little chopper absolutely excellent. Oh, and bash the limes a few times before juicing them so they're not so hard.

Frozen passionfruit pulp.

Chopped lime rind. It does a good job of it, hey.

Another damn tomato. Crikey! What a bewdy!

The suspect slice taken from the coconut & lime cake. Hmmmm.


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  1. How astonishing there was a piece of slice missing after Mr TropicalGardenerCook arrived home! Don't blame him; don't think I could have resisted either. As someone wise often says 'I'm only human' :)
    Free soil, eh? Must remember to act more excited next time someone offers me some.
    Will put my thinking cap on re name and see if I can come up with any suggestions.