Sunday, 13 November 2011

And now, here is the news ...

Well, it's hot. That's the news. While we in the tropics had about 15 inches of rain a month ago, followed up by a couple of inches a week ago, the edible part of the garden is rather poorly.
The tomatoes are almost all dead, as is all but the most stubborn of fruit.
However, all the rain has brought the passionfruit back to life. Have you ever smelt a passionfruit flower? If not, do yourself a favour. They have a surprisingly intense, packed-with-punch aroma. Our vine currently has about 20 baby fruit on it, so can't wait for them to drop to the ground and be ready for consumption.

Yesterday I was given some rosellas. About 400g, in fact. This possibly came about because my attempt at rosella growing failed and failed dismally. But a friend "let" me make some jam from hers. Never made rosella jam before, so it was a bit fiddly, but not too bad really, in terms of length of time it took. And it's rather tasty too. Perhaps that's the three tonnes of sugar, but you only live once!
Behold the parched vege patch. With shade cloth over the top. Don't think I've shown you that yet, have I?

Pineapple heaven. Think we have three fruit coming on at various stages of development, but still a couple of months to go. We saw potted pineapples, with fruit on them, at a large nursery the other day for $21. Ow!

Trying to save our precious few mangoes (about half a dozen) from the flying foxes. Cute, huh?

I know, I know. This is not an edible plant. This is a ginger. No idea what sort, but isn't it stunning! For most of the year, this plant does not exist, but come the wet season, and up she pops. And I think it's appeared early because of that 15 inches of rain we received. I don't mind at all!

Limes. Hurry up and ripen!

Baby bush lemons. My precious!


  1. I love passionfruit and to post them to Bargara. What an awesome idea, what you aredoing to protect the flying foxes from the mangoes and trumps to the baby bush lemons. I have a lemon tree growing in my back yard that is grafted so it grows bush lemons, normal lemons and sometimes limes!!! but it's hard to keep the water up to it because I haven't pruned it and the ground is very sandy.

  2. Heya Cherie. You should be able to grow passionfruit there ...? Your hybrid lemon tree sounds fabbo. If sandy soil, why not try introducing some chook pooh and compost to the area around the roots? gradually build up the soil? and in terms of watering, if you get your husband to water it (like Bert Munro in World's Fastest Indian), perhaps you won't have to drag the plastic hose over to it ...! x

  3. I wonder if you could distill the passionfruit flowers into water, along the lines of rosewater and orange blossom water? Now that would make for some mighty fine sweet treats ...