Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The lazy blogger

Well, I won't say people have "nagged" me into writing the blog, but life has been a little, shall we say, crazy hectic. Holidays, house plans, etc etc. Life. It seems to happen, doesn't it.
Anyway, here's a little photographic essay of what's been happening of late.

Repotted fig tree. Even though couldn't see roots poking out bottom of previous pot, poor little thing was rather rootbound. So almost as soon as he was re-potted, he sprouted new growth. There's hope yet!

Rosella plants. These are the result of boiled rosella seeds. Anyone who has made rosella jam knows what I'm talking about here. So I thought I'd have a crack at planting the seeds and look what turned up. Fingers crossed I can grow some this time!

An orange. Well, it's a green orange so far. But one day it will be an orange. Hopefully. This is the first fruit produced by this tree. All the rest of the babies dropped off. This one being preciously guarded.

Eggplant. Growing like a weed now. We're not big on the fruit, but isn't it nice to know that we can?

Ahh, this is a bit of a sad story. This is/was a butternut pumpkin. While we were away he rotted. Better luck next time.

Lime. I think it's ripe, do you?

"Normal" pumpkin. Not ready yet, but watched eagerly every day. Great in all manner of dishes but my new fave is pumpkin and fetta quiche. Mmmmmm.

It's not edible, I know. But can you see the little green stick right next to my fingers? That, my friends, is a GrassTree. Planted from seed purchased from Bunnings. Seed packet cost $3.85. Think it contained about 20 seeds. Cheaper than $40 for a big plant....

Do tomatoes grow randomly at your place? I let them go when they come up wild like this. I figure they must like that spot for a home. Am I nuts? Probably.

Laden passionfruit vine. Only problem I have, is once they fall to the ground and I pick them up, they're rotting. Anyone got any tips on what's going wrong?

Another damn zucchini. Don't you know you shouldn't be growing now??

The vege patch currently, with carrots in foreground (they also shouldn't be growing now) and hessian encased capsicum plant. To prevent a certain four-legged person accessing and munching on said capsicums. Naughty puppy.

Rampant watermelon. There's about half a dozen fruit on this, about the size of bowling balls. Fingers crossed.
What's growing at your place at the moment?


  1. waiting on blueberries to ripen, still getting a few strawberries, self seeded chilli, doing great as is herbs (not coriander), cape gooseberry, banana. orange keeps flowering - have told it its too young for sex and some passionfruit have heaps of new growth!!!! Oh and the natives are doing well out the front. Sarah

  2. The husband has recently appointed himself the 'desert gardener', and made a start on turning our bare yard into a garden. So far we've put in two bottle brush ground covers, two grevillea trees, two grevillea ground covers, potted a miniature rose, and transplanted lawn runners. He was out watering the baby plants early this morning and lamenting that they 'don't grow fast enough' to suit him :)
    Once the heat of the desert summer sun eases off a little we want to get started on a vegie patch too (tried starting one at the old place this time last year but everything got either fried, or later flattened by certain four-legged people who decided the newly erected shade cloth area was perfect for them).

  3. Beautiful~ this arbor putting up fencing to keep neighbours chook out of veggies. Some basil and Ceylon spinach survived. The sweet potatoes seem safe too.