Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Absent blogger

I've been a bad girl. A really, really bad girl. I haven't blogged in like, almost a month! Unforgiveable.
Anyway, hi there - hope you've been well - how's your garden and cooking going?
Just trying to remember everything that's been happening over the past month. Well, two of the three water tanks were empty. It was dry. Very dry. Dry and hot. Did I mention that it was dry?
Anyway, Mr TG&C got around to building a frame around the vege patch and putting some shade cloth over the top.
And then the rain came down. About 15 inches of it, to be precise. I love the rain, have I ever mentioned that? So incredibly refreshing and invigorating. Love it.
So yesterday Mr TG&C did the mowing, for the first time in months. And mulching. Much excitement.
However, the inevitable is still going to happen and the dry season will return. Sigh. So the tomatoes are practically dead. Everything else is dry and withered. Egg plant still seem to be doing ok and there's about half a dozen on the bush atm. Still got a pumpkin on the vine and another on top of the fridge.
Oh, forgot to tell you, the passionfruit is flowering again. It seemed to have forgotten how for a while. And aren't passionfruit flowers some of the nicest ever?
In the meantime, here's some pics taken over the past few weeks of what's been growing.
Octopus salad. With our tomoatoes and lettuce. Octopus grown elsewhere, but it's the thought that counts, right?

Mint. I'm thinking mint sauce and roast lamb. Need I say anything more?

A selection of recent produce harvested. Yes, the corn are little, but they sure were yummy!

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