Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Summertime blues ...

Good evening ... or good morning wherever in the world you may be reading this ...
It's been an interesting few weeks in the garden, here in the tropics of Far North Queensland. We had probably 10 inches of rain a few weeks ago, but since then it's like the wet season has almost dried up. And yet there's still been a bit of rain floating around.
It's officially Autumn now of course which means we should really be coming into our growing season. We've been away a little bit of late and have another trip coming up soon, but hopefully after that we can get cracking and planting.
In the meantime, here's a few recent shots of what's growing and what we've been up to.

Yay! Finally some passionfruit. I never realised until relatively recently, but passionfruit vines die after a couple of years. So I was devastated when our previous vine died, but finally we've got some fresh babies growing. Yay!

Pawpaws have been fairly prolific this year. Forgive the wrong orientation. Too tired to correct, but you get the idea. Thinking I might throw a few in our new, whizbang dehydrator. Thanks Sis!

Capsicums. Seem to have been saved from the dog's jaws for some reason. Think some of these made their way onto Mr TG&C's home made pizzas tonight. Yumm.

Another prolific fruiter. Limes. This tree seems to bear fruit all year round. The other week I made a lime cordial - didn't have enough sugar (about half as much as needed) and it was the wrong sort (raw instead of white) but it's a good way to use them, anyway.

Bush lemon. Grow my pretties, grow!
What's growing in your neck of the woods?


  1. Morning, Mrs. TG&C! Glad to see everything growing well! This weekend I'm hitting the vege bed; it's growing weeds once again so I need to thoroughly hack it back before we can commence the Autumn planting.

  2. Nice to hear from you, Rob F. Hope you're having fun with your Autumn plantings and will enjoy the fruits of your labour.