Friday, 3 January 2014

There's a monster in the garden!

As I write this, a small boy is resting his head on my right forearm. Very cute, but hard to type.
A few minutes later and he's happily eating his dinner - cheesy vegetable-laden fritters and water, followed by fruit. Even though he was a BLW baby, I've struggled to get veges into him. Sometimes he'll go for a room-temperature cherry tomato, other times not, but that's about all that I can get into him without disguising it. I guess since he came into our lives I've become a lot more conscious of our own diet and just how damn processed it is sometimes. While hubby and I both are "farm kids" by background, you just can't get fresh local produce all year round where we live. Unless you go to the local "markets" and even then, only a few of the stalls are local and you have to get up at sparrows to get there before they sell out.
So we try to grow our own. Living in the tropics of Far North Queensland, that can be quite a challenge but sometimes the garden surprises. For example, at the moment, we're enduring 30+ days and the humidity is most unpleasant. Yes, that's not as hot as many other parts of Queensland at the moment but it's still mighty unpleasant.
And so we would have thought that growing anything at this time of year was pointless, but I was rattling off to a FB contact what's growing in the garden atm and I was pleasantly surprised. We have lemons and limes, as we do almost year-round. There's also a few pineapples ripening. And there's capsicums growing in a special fenced off area (fenced off from a certain grey dog who has a penchant for bell peppers!).
But then in our main vege patch we've had basil growing for aeons and aeons and aeons. After our last crop including sweet corn and sweetpeas (now happily resting in the freezer) concluded, we decided to let the main vege patch fallow for the hotter months. But low and behold, a monster butternut pumpkin vine has sprung up.
Then there's a Jap/Queensland blue lurking down the back. (Is there a difference or is it like the KP/Bowen mango thing?)
Oh, and then there's a couple of cherry tom's hanging on in a shaded section ...
Oh yes, and here's the so-far safe capsicum ...
What's growing in your neck of the woods?


  1. Very cute :)
    Veggies a no-go for this BLW-re too. Anything processed is a winner :/ I even tried disguising potato as pasta but no, only the pasta was touched.
    Our garden appears thoroughly bamboozled by the weather - we have a few days of 40+ and everything threatens to drop dead, and then suddenly we have a few days of no more than 20 degrees and they limp back to life. Of course, the cat heads are going crazy, regardless. Natives going pretty well, and baby grape and passion fruit vines coping. And I was about to toss out an indoor plant that's looked dead for weeks yesterday when I spotted fresh growth. All is not lost!

  2. oh, that's a relief for me, but not for you, obviously. I know one little one younger than BB who will happily munch on a stalk of broccoli for a snack. Sigh. I would be bamboozled by that weather too, poor garden. Though it sounds like your green thumbs are developing - well done!